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In the beginning...
Computerworld (Articles and Interviews)
(formerly PC Week)


I wrote a series of articles in the 1990s when I was Chief Technology Officer at American Management Systems (now merged into CGI). Few of these articles are available online but are listed to give you an idea of the topics I am interested in (or was interested in at the time I wrote them). Please contact me if you would like a copy of the text.

  • User interface design for web applications is a real problem for most organizations: "When the Whole World Is Watching You" (9/2/96)
  • "What a long, strange trip (dream along with me...)" (9/4/95)
  • Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs applied to computer users (8/1/94)
(formerly PC Week).
  • Changing jobs: If not a dot-com, then where? (9/4/2000)
  • Taking the measure of our systems (3/27/2000)
  • The Y2K diploma: What it means (12/20/99)
  • Remember: Risk nothing, gain nothing (11/1/99)
  • The circle of software life: starting with ticks (9/27/99)
  • Productivity and the IT personnel shortage (8/23/99)
  • MIT's LCS: A Whiff of 'Oxygen' (5/10/99)
  • The path to the CTO's office (3/22/99)
  • Typing apps and pipes: the next big thing (1/4/99)
  • Feel like all your project plans are for naught? (11/23/98)
  • Plan now to pick up the Y2K pieces (10/5/98)
  • E-commerce: If it's unuable, who's going to use it? (8/31/98)
  • I don't want much: just a big, light, cheap laptop (6/29/98)
  • KISS: Keep it simple, sysop (4/20/98)
  • Gone fishing, our computers are down (3/02/98)
  • The column that received the largest number of flaming emails: A new bastion of male supremacy? (1/19/98)
  • It's deja vu all over again (11/17/97)
  • Position wanted: Techno-business strategist (9/15/97)
  • The ins and outs of centralization (8/11/97)
  • The 'M*A*S*H' Unit approach to Year 2000 (6/23/97)
  • Remote access: How close is the Internet? (5/19/97)
  • E-commerce: A fundamental shift in doing business (4/28/97)
  • The 'futzing factor' and the network computer (3/17/97)
  • There's never enough information (2/10/97)
  • Something a little extra for intranets (12/23/96)
  • Year 2000 crisis: Another solution (9/23/96)
  • Chaos theory and project estimates (8/5/96)
  • Come celebrate the Web fantastic (7/8/96)
  • Myth Surrounding Those Open Systems (5/21/96)
  • The Reincarnation Of The Mainframe (4/8/96)
  • Lowdown on the Skinny Client (3/11/96)
  • Some Software Kits Are Bundles of Joy (2/5/96)
  • Stop Pulling Those Rabbits Out of Hats (1996)
(Now defunct)
  • Data Warehouse artice (January 15, 1995)
  • One-Three-Five Prediction on Object Technology (August 15, 1995). [BTW, my predictions were mostly correct!]
Software Magazine
(Now defunct)
  • "So Many Messages, So Little Time" (Washington Post Interview about information overload - back in 1997!)
  • I wrote a chapter in "The Great IT Workforce Shortage" published by the Cutter Consortium
    • ...and wrote comments for the Report of the Software Productivity and Quality Issues Task Force of the Information Technology Association of America.
    • ...and spoke on the same topic at the 1998 World Congress on Information Technology panel on the Global Workforce held at George Mason University



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