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Providing consulting to senior business and information technology executives and to teams under their sponsorship.

Assisting organizations in gaining increased value from information and communications technologies.

Helping IT and business management to work together on...  

  • Organization-IT strategic planning
  • Organization-IT value analysis
  • IT measurement and scorecard
  • IT management and governance strategy
  • Enterprise architecture
  • Business cases for major projects

Helping you to help your organization better achieve its goals by answering key questions: 

  • How can we show the value that IT brings to our organization?
  • How can we increase the value that IT brings to our organization?
  • How can we improve IT services while keeping IT costs under control?
  • How can we improve the performance of IT projects?
Jerrold M. Grochow provides assistance in these and related activities based on his experience as a CIO, CTO, business executive, board member, and consultant.



   Jerrold M. Grochow LLC   Cambridge MA 02138    617.575.9630